It aims to cooperate with the best enterprises to carry out brand incubation and promotion, open up the international market, and create a cultural brand with global influence.

 Service Purpose:

        The establishment of "World Cultural Card" brand management center aims to help the representative "World Cultural Card" products to standardize, build and upgrade their brands, formulate brand development strategies based on the world situation, and improve the brand value and brand premium through systematic foreshadowing and marketing work. By means of marketization and commercialization, the enterprises at home and abroad who are deeply engaged in the field of culture can achieve sustainable development, so as to achieve the goal of cultural heritage and innovation.

Service Mode:

1. Providing suggestions for the strategic planning of the enterprise implementation system, and improve or restructure the business model.

2. Taking the capital path as the operation target direction, systematically combing the top-level strategy of the project.

3. Refining the core competitiveness of the brand, taking brand image building and marketing as the core expanding the industry popularity of the product, and comprehensively enhancing the brand value.

4. Building the ecological closed-loop of the brand and the enterprise in the core ways of "Online + Offline", "Experience center + Brand chain", "Capital path + Social welfare", "Domestic + Overseas" and so on (set according to the actual situation), so as to comprehensively improve the competitiveness and vitality of the enterprise.