It is of great significance to edit, publish and distribute representative cultures symbols in books for the dissemination and promotion of new knowledge, new concepts, new trends and new ideas to the world.

Future plan ----- Great Collection of Arab Culture

            WCC is the executive body of the project of “World Culture Cards—Great Collection of Arab Culture” in China. World Culture Cards is a global cultural platform jointly created by World Association of Culture and Art and WEMOVART Group.

            World Culture Cards has a simple but important mission, that is to systematically excavate and sort out, disseminate and promote, and inherit and innovate the most authentic cultural symbols of all civilizations, such as characters, languages, music, art, clothing and totems of all countries and nations in the world. It aims to promote exchanges and cooperation among countries and nationas in the fields of culture and art through publishing, education and training, innovating intangible cultural heritage, exhibition, brand incubation, IP building, industrial agglomeration, public welfare undertaking and other ways. Therefore, it enable all nations to achieve common prosperity from knowing, understanding and tolerance, and to spread the concept to every corner of the world. This is the only way for mankind to see the world clearly, and to ultimately achieve world peace and the continuation and development of human civilization.

Future plan ----- 56th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France

                              The first overseas Chinese children's Book Exhibition

          "World Culture Card" cooperate with the first overseas Chinese education franchised brand “WeiZhi International", based on 30 overseas established educational franchises ( they are all local cultural and educational associations and companies, with each association ranging from 30 to more than 200 family members) and their strength ethnic Chinese family groups (covering France, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Australia and other major European developed countries, and still in high growth at present), with the ability to reach the needs of the population directly, the overseas market of Chinese children's books has broad prospects.

        In response to “The Belt and Road” policy, through integrate overseas educational resources, link domestic publications and related units. We will work together to help domestic publishers realize the Chinese children’s books "Go globally" in the true meaning. This can not only meet the new needs of the international market, but can also bring full play to the important role of China's non-governmental diplomacy.

Starting from the ethnic Chinese kids, it will gradually affect local students, schools and families, spreading and promoting excellent Chinese culture overseas. On the one hand, it can guiding people to be interested in Chinese culture and make more overseas students understand Chinese culture. On the other hand, it can also help Chinese creation go globally, which promotes the new upsurge of learning Chinese all over the world.