By systematizing and informationizing cultures of various countries, we will build courses including language, professional, preparatory courses, diploma education, vocational education, general education and so on, and set up the seminars, master's forums, etc. 

Fashion Study Tour

 1、Design Salon

 (1) Share trends and color trends;

 (2) Analyze pattern trends;

 (3) Predict and analyze popular  elements.

 2、Fabric Salon

 (1) Analyze and share the development  and production process of

 the world's top fabric 


 (2) Analyze the craft of popular fabrics,  trends, retro patterns and innovation of 

new craft;

 (3) Predict popular fabrics.

3、Marketing & Management Salon

Top Master SalonInvite professional teachers to offer lectures and share experience

1、ACT3 Tweed Workshop

2、Lognon Pleat Workshop

3、LESAGE Embroidery Workshop    

4、Barrie Knitwear Cashmere Workshop

5、Guillet Curlicue Workshop

Visit the Top Class Craft WorkshopsVisit Hundred-year European Workshops and Follow the Brand Orders 

1、Participate in Hign-end Exhibitions

2、Attend Important Activities

3、Spot the Fashion Week Brand Appointment / Fashion 

Street Shoot / Professional Order / Visit the Show

“Haute Couture”

Paris Fashion Week

Experience of the Luxury Brand

1. Perfume Culture 

France's century-old brand Guerlain's fifth-generation perfumer 

Thierry Wasser designed the limited perfume 

Champs Elysees No. 68. 

2. Jewellery Design Culture 

Visit the private jewellery studio of Chritophe Lemaitre, a famous 

jewellery designer from Paris. 

3、Moynat Top Leather Culture

4、Top Wrist Watch Culture

5、Haute Couture Culture

6、Luxury Culture——An Exploration of Chanel 

7、Wine Culture

Journey of Fashion Culture