On January 19, 2020, the Concert du 19 janvier 2020 sponsored by Ordre de Malte France, supported by World Association of Culture & Art and Euro-Chinese Culture and Education Alliance, was held in Paris. Audi, BMW, France's Osenat auction house, the Republic of Malte and other brands or national governments contributed to the charity party.


        World Association of Culture & Art is a non-profit organization established in Paris, France, in 2017, based on the Association loi de 1901. Headquartered in Paris, it has close contact and cooperation with the governments, universities and research institutions, various industry associations and many enterprises from the world. At the same time, in order to keep up with the trend of the times and realize the globalization of the organization, it has set up its second headquarter in China.

        World Association of Culture & Art embraces an ancient Chinese philosophical idea Harmony without Uniformity. It hopes to promote understanding through the promotion of cultural and artistic exchanges among the various nations, and to pursue a broader peace in diversity.

(Representatives of world cultural and art Cooperation Organization)

        Euro-Chinese Culture and Education Alliance is a NGO approved by the French government, specializing in the exchange and development of education and cultural undertakings between Europe and China. Its headquarters are in Paris, France, and China's headquarters are in Beijing. The former of the alliance was "France Canada China International Economic and Cultural Exchange Association", which was founded in 2008. In January 2019, the new presidium decided to restructure and establish the Euro-Chinese Culture and Education Alliance. It is committed to promoting cultural and cooperative exchanges in the field of education between Europe and China, establishing an exchange plan between Europe and China, so as to help teachers, national and regional officials, business leaders to visit and get trained in Europe and China according to their expectations, and to cooperate with institutions and organizations in Europe and China to hold various cultural activities. In addition, participation in international charity is also an important mission of the Euro-Chinese Culture and Education Alliance.


        The concert was held in Paris. General Ando de SéRIèGe who is the curator of the Military Museum, general Christophe de Saint Chamas who is the honorary president of the concert of the Ordre de Malte France, general Philippe Lavigne of the French air force, and Mr. Jean Baptiste Favatier who is the president of Ordre de Malte, etc. attended the concert. Ms. Florence Parly who is the Minister of defense of France, also gave her full support to the concert. At the concert, Admiral Christopher St. Chama and Mr. Jean Baptist Favage, each gave a touching speech.

        At the end of the evening, the Ordre de Malte France awarded honorary certificates to World Association of Culture & Art and Euro-Chinese Culture and Education Alliance, and praised the two organizations for their full support for the charity concert.

(Honorary certificates to World Association of Culture & Art and Euro-Chinese Culture and Education Alliance

        L'hôtel des Invalides, built by Louis XIV in 1670, is an extremely important historic site in Paris. From the residences and hospitals of veterans and disabled soldiers to the world-famous military museums and cultural activities place, L'hôtel des Invalides has witnessed the continuous development of French history and the warming of Sino French friendship for more than 300 years. The Ordre de Malte is the oldest charity in the world. It was founded in 1099 by Gillard, a French nobleman, at the Amalfi hospital near St. John's Church in Jerusalem. Founded in 1927 in France, the Ordre de Malte France is a Catholic hospital association, which has been recognized by public utilities since 1928. The Ordre de Malte France, together with L'hôtel des Invalides, works with the military academy to assist and care for vulnerable groups and train nursing staff.


        The relationship between countries lies in people's mutual affinity, and people's mutual affinity lies in communication heart to heart. Chinese and French guests gathered in the L'hôtel des Invalides, witnessing countless shining history. They shared the vision of philanthropy and world cultural exchanges, and made common progress. Under the background of increasingly close cultural exchanges in the world, the World Association of Culture & Art actively appeals to more people to pay attention to the social and cultural fields through cultural exchanges and transnational charities, and at the same time makes people in France and around the world more and more aware of the Chinese people who are actively taking global responsibilities.