Visit the Palestinian Embassy

       On November 24,18 young Chinese junior high school students, as the little world culture messengers, were invited to the Embassy of the State of Palestine to China. H.E.Mr.Fariz Mehdawi, Ambassador of the State of Palestine to China.

        China and Palestine have traditional good friendship. This year is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Palestine. Cooperation between the two countries in political, economic and cultural fields has been deepening. The young are important forces for social progress, and thus their perception,conception, vision and pattern of the world will have a great impact on the connections and cooperation among countries in the future. Therefore, the roleand significance of the younger generation in the process of cultural exchangeare significant and far-reaching.

Sri Lanka Ambassador to China

        In the afternoon of February 13, 2019, strongly supported by the Embassy of Sri Lanka in China, the World Culture Cards Organizing Committee has partnered with China Report Network Special Attention Program to jointly organized nearly 100 primary and secondary school students from all over the country, and participated in the "Little World Culture Messenger Series Activities——Chinese Little Culture Messengers Dialogue with Sri Lanka Ambassador to China".

       The World Culture Cards Organizing Committee is collaborating with China Report Network Special Attention Program to set up a special column, the Campus Journalists, under the Little World Culture Messengers project, which selects excellent campus journalists from all over the country as representatives of Little World Culture Messengers to carry out international youth cultural exchange activities in rich and colorful practical activities. Through cultural exchanges, interviews and interaction between China and foreign countries, it can broaden youths’ views, enhance friendship, and cultivate them to feel the vastness and depth of different cultures in the world with a more inclusive and open mind.

        At the beginning of the event, Sri Lankan Ambassador to China, H.E. Mr. Karunasena Kodituwakku, warmly welcomed the arrival of the little messengers. Mr. Ambassador introduced Sri Lanka's geography, history, national conditions and culture to the young messengers. After a video play, the attendants had more intuitive feelings. Mr. Ambassador said, “Although the total population of Sri Lanka is about as large as that of Beijing, it does contain a rich and diverse culture.” He also said to the little messengers wittily: "Because of the special geographical environment, Sri Lanka has no winter. Here, people can enjoy the pleasure of swimming freely in the sea and relaxing at the seaside at any time. The little messengers and friends and family are welcome to Sri Lanka to experience the rich natural and cultural heritage and unique charming cultural atmosphere here."

      During the interactive dialogue section, curious little messengers actively and enthusiastically asked various questions to Mr. Ambassador: "Hello, dear Ambassador, how long have you been in China and what are your favorite Chinese cities?" "In Sri Lanka, what are the celebrated days like the Chinese New Year?" "Both China and Sri Lanka are world famous tea producers. Do you have any special feelings for Chinese tea, Ambassador?" Mr. Ambassador gave patient answers.

        In addition, he also told little journalists about the "rice for rubber" story in the history of friendly exchanges between China and Sri Lanka in 1952 (Rice-Rubber Agreement: 1952, China and Sri Lanka signed a government trade agreement with rice for rubber as the main content, starting from their respective needs,which not only created diplomatic relations between New China and Sri Lanka,but also developed trade agreement between different social systems. This agreement has promoted the rapid growth of trade between the two countries.)

Visit the 2019 Beijing Expo

        On August 21, 2019, the World Cultural Card Organizing Committee, China Report—Special Focus and Little Reporters of the Campus Activities Organizing Committee jointly organize the Little Messengers of World Culture- Little Reporters of the Campus Media Visitors' Tour to Germany, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates National Pavilion ofthe World Horticultural Expo. 


        At the first stop, the little messengers came to the British Pavilion, and were guided by the curator Ahmed and the translator Victoria. Small messengers came to a huge green wall. The curator said that this wall represents Britain's new environmental technology. It not only releases a lot of oxygen, but also has the functions of collecting rain and roof watering to achieve sustainable development goals.

        At the second stop, Little messengers came to Germany Pavilion. Mr. Sebastian and Ms. Jiang Yeyun, the translator, brought a lecture on the theme of collective farm, introducing the new concept of German collective farm, namely collective support for agricultural development, and consumers and farmers working together to make agriculture better.

        In the United Arab Emirates Pavilion, the little messengers watched the environmental protection propaganda film of the United Arab Emirates. Under the leadership of the staff, they visited the vegetables and fruits flown from the United Arab Emirates by air. They contacted and felt the unique culture of the United Arab Emirates at close range, so that the little messengers could know how to cherish and protect our global village and protect the environment with active action.


        Subsequently, the little messengers gave a talent show. Zhenghan He, a student from Zhejiang Province, performed Chinese Kung-Fu Snake Boxing. The Ambassador nodded his head and praised him. The atmosphere on the spot was warm.

        Mr. Ambassador issued acommemorative certificate for every attending little messenger. He encouraged everyone to study hard, strive hard and have the opportunity to go abroad to understand, feel and discover the unique cultural charm of different countries. At the same time, on behalf of the Sri Lankan Embassy, Mr. Ambassador extended a sincere invitation to our Chinese students to study in Sri Lanka.

        Finally, the little messengers gave the ambassadors their thanks for their elaborate Chinese gifts (pottery, black tea, handicrafts, and iron balls) and their own handwritten paintings and calligraphy. The World Cultural Card Organizing Committee also presented Yun Brocade, "Silk Road", by Nanjing Yun Brocade Master, Mr. Jin Wen, to Mr. Ambassador.

        On February 7, 1957, China established diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka. This year marks the 62nd anniversary. The purpose of this event is to allow more Chinese teenagers understand Sri Lankan culture, broaden their international views and contribute to cultural exchanges between China and Sri Lanka through constant interaction.