World Association of Cultural & Arts is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 in Paris, France, according to the Association loi de 1901, and is based in Paris. It has been well-connected with national and international governments, various colleges, universities and scientific institutions, diverse industries associations and enterprises. To follow the trend of globalization, it has set up its second headquarters in China.

        UNESCO’s Constitution mentions that people’s lack of understanding of each other’s customs and cultures has caused suspicion and mutual distrust among the nations of the world. Ignorance and prejudice have made people despise or even ignore some principles like equality and mutual respect, which is an important reason for wars. 

        It is very important to make different cultures spread and exchange freely for justice and peace. Cultural, artistic and educational actions will enhance mutual understanding among people and make people understand others’ lifestyles values, historical traditions and ethical principles. 

        World Association of Culture & Art embraces an ancient Chinese philosophical idea Harmony without Uniformity. It hopes to promote understanding through the promotion of cultural and artistic exchanges among the various nations, and to pursue a broader peace in diversity. 


World Association of Culture & Art aims to build a global platform for exchanges, cooperation and mutual benefit in the fields of culture, art and education, and to make contributions to expanding the breadth and depth of cultural exchanges of nations and achieving a broader peace.